The Ariti Rehabilitation Centre has been operating since 2010 at a central location, just minutes away from all provincial, private or public, hospitals.

It is a contemporary and modern facility for outpatients and inpatients and it includes sixty rooms with special technological equipment. Moreover, it provides commercial and modern means of implementing comprehensive rehabilitation programs and is based on an overly human-centered philosophy. A person who joins the rehabilitation program, becomes an active participant and a valuable contributor to the entire recovery process. Likewise, the patient's family is integrated into the effort to build up a supportive environment.

We provide treatment to patients suffering mainly from kinetic disorders such as craniocerebral injuries, spinal cord trauma, stroke, sclerosis, Parkinson and Alzheimer. We also provide treatment for the therapy of neurosurgical and orthopedic postoperative cases. The collaboration with a number of high-qualified doctors of diverse specialties ensures the best possible recovery and rehabilitation of the patients. However, what makes our work successfully fulfilled, it is the love and care of all the people of Ariti provided unconditionally to our patients.


The Ariti Rehabilitation Center in Cyprus began its operation in the city of Nicosia since 2010. Throughout these years of experience, we have come across hundreds of diverse cases effectively.